Sunday, April 6, 2008

Master My Stories

Lesson outline:

Emotion is a large factor in our everyday discussions. Once you've created your emotions you have 2 options-
1. act on them
2. be acted on by them
Meaning you can be in control or have them control you.

Path to Action
See/ Tell a Story Feel Act

Retrace your path:
1. Stop what you're doing. Why are you doing it?
2. ACT- Notice behavior. Am I in some form of silence or violence?
3. Feel- Get in touch with your feelings. What emotions are making me act this way
4. Tell a Story- Analyze the situation. What story is creating these emotions?
5. See/Hear- Get back to the facts. What evidence do I have to support this story?

3 Stories People often tell themselves
1. Victim- "It's not my fault."
We are the innocent sufferers, others are bad and wrong.

2. Villain- "It's all your fault."
We tell others how bad they are. Exaggerate that were not at fault. Make others feel guilty.

3. Helpless Stories--"there's nothing else I can do."
We are powerless to do anything else.

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